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          Neil kept putting off the talk. He hadn’t realized at first
          how  difficult  it  would  be  to  talk  about  something  so
          personal, even with his best friend. But he had to do it.
          He forced himself to think about it. He decided on a time
          and place and then began thinking about how he would   5
          approach the subject. When he met Darby for lunch the
          next day he was going to be ready.

          After a quick lunch, the two boys left the cafeteria and
          went outside. As they began walking slowly around the
          school  grounds,  neither  of  them  said  anything  for  the   10
          first few moments. Finally, Neil got up his courage and
            ‘I had to sit next to Hadley in Biology yesterday. We did
          group work and we were in the same group. Oh, man! I
          thought I would pass out!’                        15
            Darby laughed. ‘It was that bad?’
            ‘You know Hadley, man.’
            ‘Did you say anything?’
            ‘Not a word. Nobody did, but there was a lot of grinning
          and  eye  rolling. You  just  know  that  making  comments   20
          doesn’t work with Hadley. It’s been done before – many
          times – and nothing has changed. He still stinks as bad as

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