Page 11 - Cyber Nightmare
P. 11

ever.’ Neil paused and looked his friend in the eye. ‘Do
            you think I should have said something to him?’
              ‘Yeah,  I  do,  but  not  in  the  group  of  course.  After-
         5    Neil hesitated. ‘What about me?’ he finally said.
              ‘What about you?’
              ‘If I had body odor you’d tell me, too, wouldn’t you?’
            Neil gave a nervous little laugh.
              ‘Of course I would.’

         10    ‘Well? Do I?’
              ‘Do you – what?’
              ‘Do I have body odor?’
              ‘You?’ Darby laughed. ‘No way!’
              ‘Are you sure?’
         15    ‘Sure I’m sure. What has made you so unsure?’ Darby
            studied Neil’s eyes.
              A group of giggling girls came up behind them. Neil
            waited until they passed by. ‘I – I got a text message the
            other day. It said I’ve got a bad case of body odor.’
         20    Darby shook his head in disbelief. ‘So that’s why you’ve
            been using so much aftershave lately. I get it. But hey!
            You don’t need to. You and body odor? That’s just a big
            lie. Someone is trying to hurt you.’
              ‘Well, they did.’
         25    ‘Come on, dude. You can’t let a little thing like that get
            you down.’
              ‘A little thing? Getting that message was a shock, man.
            Just imagine you had got it.’
              Darby slowed down and let two other boys pass them.
         30  ‘Listen,  friend,’  he  said  slowly,  ‘my  motto  has  always

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