Page 14 - Cyber Nightmare
P. 14

‘I thought he was coming back today.’
            ‘He called last night and said that the job was taking
          longer than planned.’
            Neil nodded his head slowly as if he was trying to
          decide  what  to  do.  ‘I’ve  got  to  talk  to  you,’  he  said    5
            ‘You’ve – got to talk to me? The only times you want to
          talk to me is when you want me to drive you somewhere.
          Where is it this time?’ There was a playful look in her
          eye.                                              10
            ‘Come on, Mom. This is serious.’
            She  smiled  and  hurried  past  him.  ‘Meet  me  in  the
          kitchen in five minutes,’ she said over her shoulder.
            Neil went back to the mirror, took another long look
          at  himself,  and  then  went  to  the  kitchen.  When  his    15
          mother came in a few minutes later, she had changed into
          her old clothes. She went straight to the refrigerator and
          got herself a smoothie. ‘Want one?’ she said. When he
          shook his head, she sat down opposite him and looked at
          him curiously.                                    20
            ‘You look a little worried. What is it?’
            ‘How would you describe the way I dress?’
            Surprised, his mother put down her drink and looked
          Neil up and down. ‘You dress all right – just fine,’ she
          said.                                             25
            ‘You really think so?’
            ‘Really. Why do you ask? Is it a girl?’ She gave him a
          knowing smile.
            ‘No, it’s not a girl. It’s – ’ Neil hesitated a moment.
            ‘Yeah?’                                         30

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