Page 6 - Cyber Nightmare
P. 6


          It was late October, the break for the potato harvest was
          over and life  was back to normal  in Northern Maine.
          School was in full swing again.
            Some students were finding it difficult to concentrate on   5
          their schoolwork after the long, three-week break. Their
          minds were on other things, not all of them good. You
          could see it in their eyes.

          Sylvia’s  eyes  were  scanning  the  faces  in  the  crowded
          cafeteria when the idea came to her. Smiling, she turned to   10
          Cora. ‘I know how we can have some fun,’ she said.
            Cora’s blank face lighted up. ‘How?’
            ‘We pick a victim and rattle their cage!’
            ‘Huh?’ Cora’s face went blank again.
            Sylvia leaned closer to her friend. ‘We pick someone we   15
          don’t like and bully them.’
            ‘Bully them? What if they’re bigger than us?’
            ‘Bigger, smaller, faster, slower – it doesn’t make any
          difference. We do it electronically. You know, via SMS,
          email or computer.’                               20
            ‘Oh, yeah. That’d be fun!’ Cora clapped her hands like
          a little girl. Suddenly, she stopped, a question written all

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