Page 7 - Cyber Nightmare
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over her face. ‘But who?’
              Sylvia narrowed her eyes and smiled. ‘That shouldn’t be
            a problem. Think of all the kids we don’t like.’ She started
            scanning the faces in the cafeteria again. A moment later
         5  she stopped and turned again to her friend. ‘That guy, for
            example!’ she said in a whisper.
              ‘Which guy?’ Cora’s voice was full of excitement.
              ‘The one in the blue sweatshirt, talking to some girls,
            three tables from here.’

         10    ‘You mean Neil, Neil Green?’ Cora’s eyes opened wider
            and wider.
              Sylvia laughed softly. ‘That’s the one. The one and only
            Neil Green.’
              Cora looked puzzled. ‘Why him?’ Before Sylvia could
         15  answer, Cora smiled and said, ‘Wait a minute! Last year!
            You had the hots for him but he never even looked at you.
            I remember!’
              Sylvia gave her friend an angry look. ‘Not because of
            that. I forgot about that a long time ago,’ she said. ‘It’s
         20  because he’s such a conceited bastard. Look at him. Look
            at that smile. It’s got I’m-the-coolest-guy-here written all
            over it. Do you see it?’
              ‘Yeah.’ Cora nodded quickly to show how strongly she
            agreed with her friend.
         25    ‘Why don’t we begin with an SMS? Got any ideas?’
              Cora’s face went blank again. She looked at Sylvia and
            shook her head.
              ‘Well, I have! Listen!’ she said, moving her chair closer
            to Cora’s.

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