Page 8 - Cyber Nightmare
P. 8


          Neil was walking around the school grounds with
          his friend Darby when his phone lighted up and a text
          message arrived. Hey, Big Stinker! Here’s something you
          should know. You’ve got a bad case of BODY ODOR!
            Shock! Neil had to fight to get his breath. Who sent this   5
          message? He stopped walking and looked around.
            Darby noticed his change of mood immediately. ‘Hey!
          What was that?’
            Neil smiled nervously. ‘Oh, nothing. Just some dumb
          advertising.’                                     10
            ‘It’s a pain in the neck, isn’t it?’
            ‘Right.’ Neil put his hands in his pockets and moved on.
            Darby wasn’t sure that his friend was telling him the
          truth about the message but he could see that Neil didn’t
          want to talk about it, so he left it at that.     15

          As  soon  as  Neil  returned  home  from  school,  he  went
          straight to his room and shut the door. He took off his
          shirt. With his eyes closed, he smelled under his arms.
          Then he took off his shoes and socks and smelled his feet.
          Maybe I don’t smell like a rose, he thought, but I don’t   20
          stink. Definitely not!
            Just  to  make  sure,  he  took  a  long  shower.  When  he

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