Page 9 - Cyber Nightmare
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finished, he put on some body lotion and smelled himself
            again.  Very  nice,  he  thought.  Now  he  felt  better  about
              That evening, he couldn’t get his mind off the message.
         5  At first he thought someone was just trying to be funny,
            but then he got the idea that if it was a joke, it was a very
            bad one. Again he asked himself who had sent it. He went
            through a checklist in his mind, people who might have
            done it, but came up with nothing.

         10    Normally, Neil didn’t spend much time worrying about
            things.  His  busy  life  didn’t  allow  him  much  time  for
            looking  back.  Besides,  one  of  his  basic  principles  was
            not to dwell on negative things. But this message had left
            its mark. He had always been a confident guy, very sure
         15  of himself. The message had put a little dent in his self-
            esteem. He showered more often now, sometimes twice a
            day, and used expensive lotions and aftershave.
              When Darby noticed the change in Neil, how different
            he smelled, he decided not to say anything about it at first.
         20  But a few days later, when the guys on Neil’s basketball
            team noticed it, there were lots of comments.
              Neil felt like he was between a rock and a bad place.
            Being razzed for smelling too good was almost as bad as
            being told that you stink. If only I could forget about this
         25  whole business, he thought, and just go back to smelling
            like myself. Unsure about what to do, he wished that he
            could discuss it with his dad, but his dad, as usual, was
            away on business. In the end, he decided to have a serious
            talk with Darby about it.

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