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          Paul Davenport was born in the town of Houlton in northern Maine
          on the Canadian border, 100 miles north of Stephen King’s Bangor.
          As a boy, his enthusiasm for fishing led him into the deep woods
          of Maine in pursuit of the wily brook trout. Those magic  hours
          instilled in him a love of nature that has remained throughout the
          After graduating from college with a major in English, he soon after
          moved to Germany, where he’s been living with his wife and family
          since 1975.

          Paul  began  to  write  about  fifteen  years  ago,  mainly  articles  for
          journals for EFL (English for Foreign Learners) teachers at first,
          then stories for 6th to 9th grade EFL students.
          A highlight in his writing career came last year when his story
          ‘Crossroads to Love’ (a Teen Reader book) became a finalist in the
          Extensive Reading Foundation’s choice for reader of the year 2007!
          The second highlight came a year later, 2008, when another of his
          stories, ‘Horror Trip on the Pecos River’, also a Teen Reader book,
          received the same international award.
          Paul’s hobbies include reading, table tennis and fishing. He’s still
          after those wily brook trout!
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