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been, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names
          can never hurt me.”’
            Neil thought for a moment. ‘The truth of the matter is,
          names can hurt much more than sticks and stones.’
            ‘What do you mean by that?’                     5
            ‘”Sticks-and-stones” stand for all those kinds of injuries
          that only damage your body, but “names” mean words and
          looks and stuff like that, things that get inside your head
          and mess up your mind.’
            Darby fixed his eyes on Neil’s. ‘If you let them. Only if   10
          you let them,’ he said slowly, one word at a time.
            ‘How does that work?’
            ‘It’s simple. You just don’t react. You laugh it off. It
          works every time. That way you don’t give the bully what
          he’s looking for. What he feeds on and needs. It’s like   15
          bully kryptonite.’
            Neil  let  out  a  nervous  laugh.  ‘You  make  it  sound  so
          easy.’ He hesitated a moment, and then said: ‘Don’t react,
          you say? I – I don’t know. I don’t think I could do that.’
          He put his arm on Darby’s shoulder. ‘But hey, thanks for   20
          the tip anyway.’ Suddenly, he looked at his watch. ‘I’d
          better get back in and get ready for the next class. I’ve got
          Mrs. Hailey and you know what she’s like when you’re
          not on time!’

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